Sissys Continued

July 18, 2008

Forced sissification may be used as a form of petticoat punishment or petticoat discipline, with the goal being to humiliate the male as a form of punishment. However, sissification is more often an end in and of itself for both the dominant female who insists on sissification and for the male himself who becomes a sissy.

Quite often to sissify the new lady requires a period of training by a guide or a mistress to help understand what kind of special girl they are and what types of special needs and feelings they want explored in their feminization fantasies and dreams. Dominating females take the form of both natural females as well as shemales, and post op transgenders. While the sissys often see themselves as cross dressers and relish the cross dressing of an adult in a child form, they sometimes enjoy crossing into mixed sexual fantasies heightened by the tranny element.

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Sissys just who are they?

July 18, 2008

Sissys just who are they? So you want to know what sissification is all about. Then you have come to the right place. Sissification is a forced feminization fantasy practice in which men cross dress not as women but young girls, hence the title sissys. The clothes are often selected as for either a teenage girl or sometimes for a much younger girl such as a child. The sissys fantasy often recreates a time of infancy in which the child is dressed by the parent and told how to act and what to do. Many times a sissified male is forced to behave as a sissy, with requirements of all young lady like mannerisms such as a curtsey when she enters the room in the presence of another female.

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